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That's one way of dealing with problems. My reply to his showing a shot of Gatwick was to ask him to say what Bristol looks like, on his system. My request seems to have fallen off his forum. Perhaps it's global warming and it's vapourised in the heat.
I don't pull that stunt and my rubbish is Freeware.

Gerry Winskill

Gerry Winskill wrote:

I use the [DISPLAY] lines in FSX, having origina;lly learned of them from you, for FS9. But there are two problems with the GS lighting.

It isn't affected by the settings, whereas all other designers works and Default are. GS admits he uses a different system and blames MS because his system doesn't work. This is twaddele and inexcuseable, since he designed the four Xtreme fields for FSX. His updates don't change them because he says it can't be done. I'd have thought he only needed to substitute the Default method but don't know enough to be confident of that. His "excuse" is that he just puts in a point of light and has no control over how FSX treats it.

The second problem is that the excessive size of the Bristol lights isn't shared with the other three, so there must be something different about this set. Someone mentioned that he was using THTG, so GS thought that was playing a part but hadn't seen the kit. In my post I mentioned that I used THTG but still had the problem, in single screen mode.

His reply, this morning, is to show a shot of what he sees at Gatwick, not commenting on Bristol, which is the one I drew to his attention. I've asked him for a shot of Bristol.

Gerry Winskill

bones wrote:

In FS2004 the point source lights were altered by changing the halo.bmp.
Some bright spark started it off by wanting brighter taxi lights on the
aircraft and found that making halo.bmp lighter did the trick - not
realising that the same bitmap is used for runway lights and several other

Flight Environment had four or five options for changing this bitmaps
intensity and I think the same is also available in ASV6. Failing that there
was also an FS9.cfg hack which I think many of us used. My hack was:

RUNWAY_LIGHTS_VASI_SCALAR=0.70 // scales VASI lights) les 4 enligner
RUNWAY_LIGHTS_APPROACH_SCALAR=0.70 // scales approach light bars


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Back to lights at Bristol. Not only are the ground lights Huge but I've
just taxied in with two AI aircraft landing. The landing lights on bothe
were extraordinarilly larfe, almost obscuriing the aircraft. A bit of a
coincidence but I can't see how it can be a positional distortion of the

Gerry Winskill

Gerry Winskill wrote:

Sorry I can't join you but I'm currently mid flight, from this
afternoon's Keflavik destination to Bristol; of which more anon.

I dithered over doing it on IVAO but, inexcusably, chickened out! I
couldn't see a way of getting through without tangling with either ot
the two centres; Shannon or London Centre. A  bad case of LMF!

Preparing a flightplan in FSC produced another showstopper. No problem
with the outbound flight but the return, just a mirror image, was
tagged as unacceptablr by FSC ????? What with an iffy flightplan and
fighter command protecting the skies, I've taken the cowards way and
am a third of the way of doing it off line. Must try harder! In fact
it's not the proceedures that I find daunting; I'm reasonably
confident I can deal with those and with the aircraft. The offputting
nature of my first attempt was down simply to the speed of delivery
and distortion of that evening's Scottish control transmissions. We've
got used to the speach mannerisms of our own group, whilst being
relatively willing to shout out if we can't hear.

I'm doing this return flight in the Citation, to check on FSC's TCAS.
Using the B757 it was self triggering again, after a decent period
without, since I reinstalled FSC. On this trip the Citation isn't
doing it. I suspect it might be caused by aircraft that have several
liveries and titles built in. The one not tied to the model being
flown might be triggering the TCAS.
Another investigation looms!

Back to Bristol Xtreme. The lighting there is so bright that, at
night, it excludes the runway, completely. The question has been
raised on the UK2000 forum. The reason has been put down to a
limitation of FSX that prevents the use of decent lighting. Bovine
Excrita! A visit to other third party sceneries doesn't show the same
effect. Although the FSX, Xtreme, versions of Stansted, Gatwick and
Glasgow are bright, they are tolerably so. Therefore the problem is
confined to Bristol and can't be blamed on MS. I tend to be put off
visiting the UK200O forums. The posters are a bit too sycophantic for
my tastes. I can't see the need for such gushing gratitude, for
something for which we've all paid.

Gerry Winskill

bones wrote:

Logged on for an hour or so if anyone needs to test - or go for a
little flight..


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