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  • To: jhb_airlines@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 10 Aug 2007 12:41:06 EDT

In a message dated 10/08/2007 17:21:33 GMT Daylight Time, bones@xxxxxxx  

In fact your timing was rather  unfortunate. John came on channel and I was 
able to ask him to disconnect but  before I could log out and reconnect myself 
- to re-establish channel  authority - you logged in. A quick check showed 
that I still didn't have  channel control - the editing and bouncing options 
still greyed out - so  that is why I asked you to log off Teamspeak. Only 
then was I able to close  the channel down and restart it correctly.
I don't know if connecting is harder for  pilots but it is fairly automatic 
for controllers. Starting the controller  software kicks TS into action and all 
you have to do is create the channel,  add the callsign and bang in the 
For pilots I would say that the only  caution is that when you have finished 
your flying you have to make sure that  you leave the ATC channel, or close TS 
down, otherwise that channel remains  active. This locks it and prevents ATC 
from opening it again.

I grabbed your frequency from the Eye, then manually tuned my COM radio to  
it. It didn't appear in the on screen list (perhaps due to your problem). Once  
tuned the IVAO system opened TS and put me into your channel.
Frank T.


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