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In fact your timing was rather unfortunate. John came on channel and I was
able to ask him to disconnect but before I could log out and reconnect
myself - to re-establish channel authority - you logged in. A quick check
showed that I still didn't have channel control - the editing and bouncing
options were still greyed out - so that is why I asked you to log off
Teamspeak. Only then was I able to close the channel down and restart it
I don't know if connecting is harder for pilots but it is fairly automatic
for controllers. Starting the controller software kicks TS into action and
all you have to do is create the channel, add the callsign and bang in the
For pilots I would say that the only caution is that when you have finished
your flying you have to make sure that you leave the ATC channel, or close
TS down, otherwise that channel remains active. This locks it and prevents
ATC from opening it again.

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Thanks John.

It looks like TS is similar to Roger Wilco in that the last person on a
channel is automatically given channel authority. That means you become
responsible for updating the ATIS for the station you have logged in to
<vbg>..  When I logged back on to EGNS_APP you were still tuned in so I
couldn't update the information.

Something else to learn..


Hi Bones,
I was just testing my IVAO installation and going through the manual to try
it when I saw you at EGNS on the Eye. Managed a brief contact, then I got
called away, sorry. I guessed you were having TS problems anyway.
The next job is to write a series of connect instructions on a single sheet
of paper, rather than wading through chapters in the manual!
Frank T.

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