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  • Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2007 20:54:30 +0100

I've just noticed there were two, now only one, controll positions with two controllers on the same frequency. One was trainee on listening only.

Good idea.

Gerry Winskill

Fivewildthings@xxxxxxx wrote:

If you go down the IVAO route, and if it helps, I am still a registered member Colin Fred - this is just an exploratory step at the moment. Consider it a backup plan against PCi going down the tubes. bones

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    Bones,I'm not reg nor active in IVAO; just waiting to see what
    happens and hopefully guided into the system rather than fall by
    the wayside. Fred

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        The rules for a VA on IVAO are as follows:
        To become a member VA of IVAO, your VA must satisfy the following:

           1. Your VA should be a *freeware, non commercial, non
              profit*, organization
           2. Be active in IVAO.
           3. Be operational. If not operational, your request will be
           4. Have at least 10 pilots active members of IVAO.
           5. Have a functional website. If the VA is under
              construction your application will be rejected
           6. IVAO deserves the right to remove the VA from VA System
              and/or our databases without any advise neither
              explanation if HQ decide it.
           7. Only IVAO member VAs will have the right to maintain a
              registered ICAO code.

        In addition the VA must fly at least 5 hours on average per week.
If we do the above I have to send an application in with
        several logos and a request to use the JHB code. Until that
        time pilots should not log in using JHB callsigns.
We have become rather slack in radio operations in PCI. With
        virtually having the system to ourselves we have tended to use
        the main channel for chat and JHB_OPS has become less active.
        When more pilots were around in PCI we were a lot better. Now
        you are moving to IVAO the radio is much more strictly
        controlled - and we don't have the advantage of a second
        channel either. That means you cannot stay on the JHB
        frequency all the time - you can only jump to it by requesting
        permission from ATC to leave the operational frequency. This
        may be allowed but not for long if you are in the air.
The first thing to check is how many of you are now registered
        with IVAO and active. If we can get the quota required and
        guarantee the minimum hours each week then I can go ahead with
        an application.

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            Hi Bones
I logged in on EGNS_TWR on IVAO last night with Frank paul
            and tom was around but had trouble logging in, but then
            I got an msg from IVAO sup say that we should not use the
            frequency for general talk. Frank said that we have to set
            up a club frequency with IVAO sup which would be a good
            idea. So we could have the same on PCI and
IVAO. JHB_FLY and JHB_ATC or some think? What do you think, we could use them for club training as

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