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When you first connect to IVAO it starts up TeamSpeak automatically. You
then go to this and create your ATC channel as described in the manual. It
must NOT be passworded.

As TS is a single channel system within IVAO you cannot set up and airline
channel as well as be active in ATC..


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The observation was, that to get an allocated voice channel, a SUP would
have to be called, and a request made.

The alternate, would be to use the UNICOM channel(122.80?).

Not sure, that we would qualify for a VA status, not enough active members,
but yes the JHB call sign should not be used. (guilty m'lud).

Just setting up as a controller, does not automatically create a voice
channel, which is where calling a SUP comes in.

He will, if appropiate, then set one up for you, eg  EGNS_APP or
Diamond/whatever, your choice. Basically a personal lobby, it can even be

This should be our first port of call. Before thinking of setting up as a

It will then give us our own voice channel/s.

That is my understanding from the manual


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