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Some VATSIM sector files fail to run on IVAO because there are additional
sections which are not part of the original SCT format as created in Pro
Controller. I suspect it would be quite easy to edit these out but I haven't
taken a close look at them yet.


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I am not sure how the IVAO software works but  if it is the same as the .sct

extensions then the following sector file from Birmingham down to the South
coast of England should work:
http://www.vatsim-uk.org/files/sector/ltcctma10.zip .

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> I'm currently plugged into IVAO (Aero) and their controller software
> is rather nice. Having said that it will take a bit of adjustment to
> get used to it.
> Like VATSIM the controller software is designed to be used at a
> specific airport and so it is back to the old Pro Controller sector
> files for operation. You can't wander around the display and control
> multiple airports like in PCI. The good news is that sector files
> appear to be almost identical in Pro Controller, VATSIM and IVAO so
> they can be ported between each system. I'm currently using my IOM
> sector file which was designed for VRC but works in ASRC and IVAO too.
> I am only logged in as an observer as I don't have voice for IVAO yet.
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