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  • Date: Sun, 22 Jul 2007 09:36:35 +0100

Fair play, I only read manually because there's nonone prepared to turn the pages for me.

Gerry Winskill

Paul Reynolds wrote:

I'm getting worried, there seems to be an outbreak of manual reading going on in the I.O.M. They're breaking ranks from that long-held tradition of when all else fails RTFM as though they were ra... sorry, longtails leaving the sinking ship. (IOM folk will understand, weird local superstition about not mentioning those rodents used in laboratories by name)


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Last and most important bit first. I have to confess that I'm with Vanilla Felps. Well at least in FSX; 'cos the Default EGNS is 'orrible. All right for you controllers, you don't have to look at it!

Moving rapidly on to last night, befoee I had to shut down so that my voice wasn't echoing through visiting second daughter's adjacent bedroom. Initially I was on but couldn't see or hear anyone. I received a couple of EGNS welcomes, in red. My own text replies were in white and, not provoking a response, obviously not getting through. This was despite my GF unit selected Comm 1 frequency showing up in the Teamspeak module. Then I made contact; by text. The problem had been that, in a static aircraft, the aircraft Avionics switch was in the off position. That hasn't influenced comms in PCI or FSH, so I must remember. Also strange was the fact that when the avionics came on I could see another IVAO aircraft, as well as own AI. I do like the prsence of AI. If there's no one around it avoids the empty feeling of PCI. It won't intrude on anyone elses screen and I can remove it by turning down my FSX Traffic slider.

The fact that you couldn't hear me may be down to my not having allocated a key to TS transmit. Must read the TS manual and just hope it's not as poor as the IVAO manual.

On the plus side it's very easy to connect to IVAO. The list of flightplan aircraft is long but trying to locate one via the dropdown menu is tedious, so I'll try to find the file where codes and aircraft are listed.

Pity the TS panel buttons are unlabelled. They seem to interconnect so aren't intuitive to use.

Off to look for the manual.

Gerry Winskill

bones wrote:

Not sure if Gerry was using FSX but it was nice to see Phil on screen with
it and completing a couple of nice circuits.

The IVAO controller software is nice. It will take a while to understand it properly but the basic layout is good and it has a few nice touches. There seems to be a distinct lack of sector files so it is a good job I wrote one
for EGNS a while back <g>..

I eventually got TS working properly and had good 2 way with several pilots. It was encouraging enough for me to try a proper IVAO session but as I don't
wish to sit endless exams for all the various airfields/centres I'll
probably stick to EGNS.

Now, where's the manual...


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Try tuning to EGNS_APP using your radio stack (120.85), I'm on with
Bones at the mo....


franklyn fisher wrote:

Also got Phil in front of me, been sending text on 122.95. Got your
hello Gerry Frank
Am on PC voice jhb

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