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  • Date: Sun, 22 Jul 2007 01:17:25 +0100

Not yet.

I am text only as TS seems to be still a problem.


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I've had a couple of Hi Gerry lines, from EGNS_APP. Dou you receive my
lines typed into the chat line?


bones wrote:

>I'm currently plugged into IVAO (Aero) and their controller software is
>rather nice. Having said that it will take a bit of adjustment to get
>used to it.
>Like VATSIM the controller software is designed to be used at a
>specific airport and so it is back to the old Pro Controller sector
>files for operation. You can't wander around the display and control
>multiple airports like in PCI. The good news is that sector files
>appear to be almost identical in Pro Controller, VATSIM and IVAO so
>they can be ported between each system. I'm currently using my IOM
>sector file which was designed for VRC but works in ASRC and IVAO too.
>I am only logged in as an observer as I don't have voice for IVAO yet.

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