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  • From: "Paul Reynolds" <paul@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 16 Sep 2007 02:54:40 +0100

Bones says...

The final test for the IOM procedures is to fly the old Manx Airlines Base
Check route. It sounds simple but there are pitfalls and traps for the
unwary. The route is:

Depart EGNS and route to KELLY - IOM - CAR. Take up the hold at CAR and fly
two holds. Fly the alternative ILS 26 approach from the CAR hold. Go around
at minimums and fly the MAP. Fly a radar vectored ILS back to 26 and land.

The above sounds simple but remember that in real life the pilots would be
subjected to minor emergency drills throughout the flight and would be given
an engine failure on take off or on the go around.. <vbg>

John Woodside

An excellent track there Mike, I'm sure you got a lot out of going through

I know I learnt a lot from doing the Manx check with Bones a while back.
Having said that, he gave me the easy option of the hold at IOM rather than
at CAR.  A simulated left engine failure while outbound from IOM into the
teardrop for 26 made life interesting with the PSS Dash-8 handling turning
into the failed engine admirably.

There is one thing that Bones hasn't mentioned that I feel is needed though
and that is preparation.

If you are going to fly a procedural approach then you need to be clear in
your head what you are going to do in advance and have the NAV aids set-up
ready (possibly as standby ready to be activated when needed).  Consequently
it helps to get the ATIS reasonably early so you can mentally prepare

Although I haven't used it for some time, the process of mentally picturing
the approach (or SID/STAR) was bought home to me by using FS CREW with the
PMDG 737. It was going through the tutorial flight and trying to understand
what was going on that first led me to look at procedural charts.  I have to
admit that using FS Crew 18 months ago was probably a bit ambitious on my
part.  I ought to re-install it (I've checked, I still have my registration
key) and give it another whirl see how much of it now makes sense.

I'll have to be careful though, I don't want to get sucked into the realms
of that Heavy Metal stuff.  Tried it out but not really my cup of tea. I
always was a hippy at heart, you know the sort, gentle, easy going [read
lazy], often helping others for no other reason than because you can...
Nah, I'le grown to love my quirky little Dash, that's as heavy as I need
get.  Besides, how many type ratings does one man really need?


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