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Frank -

Thanks for letting me know, I'm glad that it worked for you.  Right at the
bottom of Tony's included file "EGNS Isle of Man.pdf" is a list of all the
add-on scenery libraries used, including the Sidney Schwartz objects.  It
makes more sense for users to obtain these from AVSim or FlightSim rather
than for Tony to include them in his downloads.  As with all 'Add-on Scenery
Library' objects, I download the zips and unzip them into the appropriate
'..\Addon Scenery\Static Objects Library' directories.  Makes life so much
easier when it comes to hunting down duplicates!


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> Yipeee!!!
> The Schwartz's file did the trick.
> I now have the markings as per TM's screenshot.
> Perhaps this should have been included in the readme.
> AMD 3200/ATI X1650/FSX SP2/GenX V2.
> Frank F

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