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Better, I rebooted FSX.

Gerry Winskill

Mike Brook wrote:
Gerry -

After making the changes that you noted, did you rebuild your scenery.cfg on
running FSX?  Paul has reported that his problem seems to have gone away
after following my advice. FrankF & Denis -
I would be grateful if you could let me know whether you've had any success
or not.

Has anyone else had any problems with the EGNS scenery?


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Been there, done that. Had moved on to having the Markings as a
scenery. So I've just reverted to including in the Static Objects
Library and removed from anywhere else.

A search confirms it's the sole place where the .bgl resides.

Move to EGNS and still black lines.

Move to Newcastle and there I have the yellow and puce markings.


Gerry Winskill

Mike Brook wrote:
Gerry (and others) -

The markings are from Sidney Schwartz and are contained in the file
'gate_markings_ss_v2.zip' - this file (get it from AVSim) should be
to a temporary location and installed per the included readme taking
care to
delete any previous versions of the files (v1) if you have them.
latter point may possibly be causing at least one of the problems
you've seen.

The zip file contents are shown here:



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There's definitely something odd about the markings. This cropped up
during the testing.

On my setup I see them but they are black. Ho ho, you say, probably
duplicate .bgl files in place, since this is the usual cause of
textured objects in FSX. But I checked and hadn't. Even more
the fact that the same markings are used at Norfolk and Newcastle
they correctly display, in yellow and something like lilac.

Meanwhile Mike and TM have the same scenery and no problems.

I'm beginning to wonder whether it might be graphics card related.

Anyway, I've learned to live with it.

Gerry Winskill

Denis Ripley wrote:

I agree. The scenery is very impressive. On your copy, can you see
ramp markings as per the screen shot included with the file?


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Just done a quick flit around the new Ronaldsway scenery, using a
Bell206 air ambulance.

Very impressive, full marks to TM and Gerry and Mike.

Not knowing the area personally, I can only comment on what I see

Thanks guys.

Frank F

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