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I definitly have not got those yellow lines from the taxiway, the stop lines, and the white demarkation grid.

Frank F
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Guys -

If it helps here's a screenshot that I've just taken showing how I see the
stand markings at EGNS.


I use nVidia 8600GTS.  I doubt that any of you have a video-card problem.
Gerry, have you flagged the problem with Tony?


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Frank reports the problem on an ATI card and I have it with my Nvidia
so that should rule out graphics card issues.  Not having GenX I didn't
the UK mainland installs but I'll install Norwich (I assume that's what
ment by Norfolk) and Newcastle and see what I get there.

Will report back shortly.


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> There's definitely something odd about the markings. This cropped up
> during the testing.
> On my setup I see them but they are black. Ho ho, you say, probably
> duplicate .bgl files in place, since this is the usual cause of black
> textured objects in FSX. But I checked and hadn't. Even more puzzling
> the fact that the same markings are used at Norfolk and Newcastle and
> correctly display, in yellow and something like lilac.
> Meanwhile Mike and TM have the same scenery and no problems.
> I'm beginning to wonder whether it might be graphics card related.
> Anyway, I've learned to live with it.
> Gerry Winskill
> Denis Ripley wrote:
>> Frank,
>> I agree. The scenery is very impressive. On your copy, can you see
>> ramp markings as per the screen shot included with the file?
>> Denis
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>> Subject: [jhb_airlines] IOM,
>>> Just done a quick flit around the new Ronaldsway scenery, using a
>>> Bell206 air ambulance.
>>> Very impressive, full marks to TM and Gerry and Mike.
>>> Not knowing the area personally, I can only comment on what I see
>>> onscreen.
>>> Thanks guys.
>>> Frank F
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