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Hi Mike,

After 16 years you would have thought I'd have finished that damn tunnel. The ends of my fingers are so numb.....


Mike Brook wrote:
It was a tongue-in-cheek post, Andy!  I'm a veteran of many hours Motor
Show 'Stand-duty' over many years gone by.  There ain't much that I
don't know about the traumas of the NEC.  We're all relying on Phil
Reynolds to give us keys to the secret underground NEC escape tunnel
that I know he has been digging for the last few months...


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George Michael concert won't be until the evening anyway,

And having been to the NEC before, trust me, the roads are
crazy no matter
what event(s) are on. However to be frank, there are several areas and
separate entrances to the place.

The Sport & Leisure Aviation Show might be interesting to pop
into if anyone
got bored with IFC though!


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I've just had the following pointed out to me, it's a listing
of all the
events that are on at the NEC the weekend of the 2/3 December:

The events include:

BBC Clothes Show Live
The National Christmas Lacemakers Show (??!)
The Sport & Leisure Aviation Show
The International Flightsim Convention
The Warley National Model Railway Exhibition
and, a George Michael Concert (whoever he/she may be)

I know that the NEC is big but come on, can you start to imagine what
the roads/motorways around the NEC (M6/A45/M42) are going to be like
that weekend (never mind the possibility of SNOW)?

I may reconsider the chances of me attending...


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