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  • Date: Mon, 04 Dec 2006 15:49:04 +0000

I couldn't help but notice you remembered Christina's name without issue and it was just me that got left out.

I was going to suggest name badges next year but that would probably just give everyone another excuse to look at her chest...poor girl.

People who were refusing flyers from myself and Stefan stopped to chat for her for a good ten minutes! even IVAO and VATSIM clothed people took great interest in pilot club for a good few minutes. Next year we'll try to recruit booth staff from the clothes show and we'll probably be the busiest stand ;) (or perhaps bustiest!)

franklyn fisher wrote:
Had a great time at the IFC on Sunday.

Arrived at the car parks around 10:30 (thanks to my Son for providing me with a quick way into the parks, missing out the M42 , so did everyone else)from the M6).

Got caught up with thousands of scimply clad females heading for the clothes show, perhaps hoping to buy some, to get warmed up, I could have warmed a few of them, and it would not have cost a bean.

A quick look around as I made my way in, then to the FSpilot club stand, to meet up with Andy B, Ralph,Stephan,Delectable Christine, Alex??(think his name was) later met with Tom I and Bernie ( unfortunately I have a mental block with names, I can be introduced to, then forgotten within 10 minutes, sorry Alex).

Spent more than intended, (got FSX from the Justflight store for £50:00, then found it on the Pilot Store for £45:00 grrr).

Also FSCommander for £15:00, and as Alex?? pointed out a flight atlas Europe and airways chart UK, latest edition for total £20:00 (was £22:00).

Drooled over the hardware available, including the vibrator, but my wallet was shy of about 1K£.

After about 3 hours, made my was back to my Son's, to return home on Monday.

Frank F

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