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I have to confess that I found the FS Show rather dull today but meeting
up with old and new friends more than made up for things.  It was good
to meet Ralf, Stefan, Alex, Grant and the delightful Christina (not that
the others weren't delightful but I'm sure that you all understand where
I'm coming from ...) from Pilot Club.  Mike Lucas, Peter Dodds, Tom
Isaac and Frank Turley (with his very brave SWMBO) were also there along
with several folk from the UKScenery List (including Kit Spackman,
resplendent in his Albion Air Cargo Captain's uniform).  Bones, I passed
your message on to Kit verbatim, as requested <g>, his reply was
unrepeatable.  I will arrange for incriminating photos of those that
were prepared to pose to be posted on the 'net in due course ...

The weather forecast for anyone planning to go on Sunday is not good,
you might need your wellies.  If any of you are interested in model
railways the Warley National Model Railway Exhibition is on in Hall 1
(admission GBP9.50) and also the Sport and Leisure Aviation Show in Hall
2 (Admission GBP10.00).  That's not counting the Clothes Show Live in
Halls 4 & 5!  Needless to say there was quite a disparity between the
average visitor to Halls 1 through 3A compared to those attending the
rest of the NEC, I've never seen so many skinny women in my life ...

It was actually quite a fun day!


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> Just got off the phone with Alex... from what he tells me,
> the car parks
> started to get busy at about 11, so those going should aim to
> be getting
> there before then really.
> I aim to leave here by half 8, with it being about an hour 30 to get
> there...
> See you there probably
> Andy
> Gerry Winskill wrote:
> > Germans; definitely different.
> > Many years ago I picked up three from from Ringway, after
> they'd flown
> > in from our Frankfurt office. Since United were, that
> evening, playing
> > a Frankfurt team, I was geared up to resisting any suggestions that
> > their team might win; unthinkable. Instead the first question was "
> > Vot are your views on the reported resurgance of neo Natziism in
> > Germany".
> >
> > When visiting Frankfurt I could never get used to the
> formality, with
> > blokes who shared an office addressing each other as Her Doktor
> > Scmidt, etc.
> >
> > Alex - Reheat.org wrote:
> >
> >> Hi Guys,
> >>
> >> Well I've spent the day with Grant, Stefan and Christina
> setting up
> >> the booth at the NEC, its in a massive hall (number 3)
> right next to
> >> the main gate and Pilot Club is in the middle and to the far left,
> >> just down from the fancy mapping stand and in front of the
> EuroManx
> >> VA stand.
> >>
> >> If you ever want to have a good laugh...take 3 Germans to
> a British
> >> pub on a Friday night when there happens to be Karaoke.... poor
> >> things didn't know what to make of it.
> >>
> >> Well I'm very tired after a 5 hour drive from the south coast
> >> followed by assembly of stands and then a full tourist tour of
> >> Birmingham so I'm off to bed and I shall look forward to
> seeing some
> >> of you over the next few days, Might even do pictures
> tomorrow night.
> >> We'll see how I feel!
> >>
> >> Up at 6...Ugh!
> >>
> >> Alex
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >

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