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  • Date: Wed, 06 Dec 2006 17:15:13 +0000

Ah but the "one parent" excuse for deprivation doesn't hold water. Neither does it as an excuse for the poor behaviour of the offspring.

An old, well older than I, chap with whom I used to play golf demolished that excuse by explaining that most of the children with whom he grew up were of one parent families; their fathers had all been killed in WW1! They weren't badly behaved because their mothersw didn't permit it. They weren't "deprived" because there was no one around to tell them they were; neither social workers nor TV pundits.

I didn't find out until his funeral that his background clearly hadn't held him back either. He hadn't bothered to mention it when alive but he just happened to have retired from the army as a Brigadier. That's in stark contrast to a nearby ex RAF regular, whose 'phone directory entry is Bloggs, N, Flt Lt Retd. After a career in the RAF that's a bit like saying Bloggs, N, Failure. Fair play he was a PTI.

In similar vein to the brig., a friend who retired as a BA 747 Capt grew up in a one parent familly, in the Gorbals. There's no arguing with that pedigree! He was the classic example of a kid who, with no access to private transport, found his way to the nearest airfield, cleaned and did odd jobs for the occasional trip up. When he married, they both worked so that he could take his PPL. Admittedly the next step was easier, since airlines were then still offering sponsership. Having to find £100,000 to go commercial would probably have dampened his enthusiasm.

Gerry Winskill

Peter Dodds wrote:

A neat summary of the new book just out "The Social Structure of the English Speaking Peoples" by G. Winskill, in line for this years Nobel prize for philosophy. <g>

The problem with every system/structure is that there are advantages and disadavantages, and often the disadvantages get given too much weight. For example we try to alleviate poverty and suffering, but only succeed in shifting it to another set of parameters. I was deprived as a boy because I only got one present at Christmas, had hardly any pocket money and was caned at school. Today children who are deprived are deprived because they only have one parent. Which is worse? Is indeed either perceived to be worse by the "victim"?


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