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You'd be welcome to.=20

Don't ignore the small airfields when you log on. You can have just as =
fun controlling a bunch of VFR aircraft at Fairoaks as you can vectoring =
tin things onto the ILS at Lorraine Chase Intl..


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I imagine Student - I only sat the written exam. There is a practical to =

come later.

I accept the points you make and promise not to demand too much your =
<G> I understand the meaning of "Observer" !
- maybe I could be your Ground or Tower controller sometime?

Best wishes


At 14:22 11/7/2004, you wrote:
>Well done on passing the exam. Does that put you up to Student or=20
>Junior Controller?
>Users with ServInfo may be puzzled as to why I remain at Junior=20
>Controller level. The reason is quite simple. As with VATSIM, once you=20
>move up to Senior Controller it implies you are qualified to mentor=20
>students and are expected to take part in online training. Whilst this=20
>is indeed a welcome idea it can result in you getting swamped with=20
>requests for training to the extent that interferes with your own=20
>online sessions.
>Indeed, one of the reasons why I dropped out of VATSIM was that I found =

>most of my controlling sessions heavily interrupted by questions and=20
>chat from other student controllers online. In the end this wasn't fair =

>to the pilots I was controlling as the interruptions became too=20
>distracting and I don't want the same process to start again in FPI. So =

>I will happily stay at Junior level and concentrate on providing a=20
>proper ATC service to pilots - at the moment I think this is more=20
>This doesn't mean I'll ignore requests for help from other controllers=20
>entirely. I'll assist whenever I can but the help I give will be=20
>Priority 2
>- pilots will come first. As a mentor you don't get this luxury..

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