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Well done on passing the exam. Does that put you up to Student or Junior

Users with ServInfo may be puzzled as to why I remain at Junior =
level. The reason is quite simple. As with VATSIM, once you move up to
Senior Controller it implies you are qualified to mentor students and =
expected to take part in online training. Whilst this is indeed a =
idea it can result in you getting swamped with requests for training to =
extent that interferes with your own online sessions.=20

Indeed, one of the reasons why I dropped out of VATSIM was that I found =
of my controlling sessions heavily interrupted by questions and chat =
other student controllers online. In the end this wasn't fair to the =
I was controlling as the interruptions became too distracting and I =
want the same process to start again in FPI. So I will happily stay at
Junior level and concentrate on providing a proper ATC service to pilots =
at the moment I think this is more important.

This doesn't mean I'll ignore requests for help from other controllers
entirely. I'll assist whenever I can but the help I give will be =
Priority 2
- pilots will come first. As a mentor you don't get this luxury..


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Yes Andy Medley

Sat it yesterday, passed with 95% (I'd like to know which one I got =
Apparently It may take up to 4 days before I can log on and control.

I chatted with another guy observing last Friday (Ian Williams of St=20
Mawgham) and we agreed to give each other a little practice on Monday=20
morning - If time allows and things are quiet it would be nice to be=20
involved with yours on Monday afternoon, if you're up to it!

Best wishes


At 14:35 11/6/2004, you wrote:
>Hi Kev,
>Zooming in and out isn't a problem - that works fine. Panning doesn't=20
>work because the Intellipoint software has allocated the middle button=20
>to switch between programs (effectively ALT + TAB). Unfortunately the=20
>mouse software doesn't have a "middle click" option so I am going to=20
>have to play around with it. I might post an email on the FPI forum to=20
>see if anyone else has hit this snag.
>Good luck with your exam. Do you know who is examining you?
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>Hi John
>I have loaded the v3 ATC software onto my Internet machine, so both =3D =

>flying=3D20 and controlling will be on different machines - I have put =
>for my=3D20 trainee exam btw.
>I have the Taskbar visible so this doesn't pose a problem as long as=20
>you =3D
>have the airport window in "bring to front mode, you can lose it =
>clicking outside it and bring it back up from the Taskbar. Easier=20
>for=3D20 checking ServInfo too.
>I am using a Micro$oft mouse with wheel, as long as you click in the =
>window=3D20 you want to zoom, you just do it with the wheel - in or =
>If you hold =3D
>down the wheel you can "Pan" the view around too, much like 3D Max. Did =

>=3D you=3D20 also know you can change left for right buttons? It's an=20
>option in the=3D20 setup pages!
>All FPI pilots should know that the Base Pack of Aircraft (as well as =
>the=3D20 JHB liveried ones) have been updated to v2.2 so will not work=20
>with the =3D past=3D20
>software, so it's a major download I'm afraid.
>I look forward to joining the session.
>Best wishes
>At 04:24 11/6/2004, you wrote:
> >I cleared out all my FPI files and have started again with the =
> >software. The zapping of both the ATOC (aircraft) and the ICR3=20
> >(ATC)=3D20 systems was really long overdue as I seemed to have=20
> >duplicated files=3D20 everywhere. I think the ATC and aircraft files=20
> >all need to sit in the=3D20 same folder structure and mine were not.=20
> >Bad news was that after the=3D20 uninstall I still found loads of =
> >registry values that needed=3D20 clearing out manually - maybe this =
> >one reason why reinstalls=3D20 sometimes throw up problems.
> >
> >The new ATC software went in fine and is now running despite=20
> >attempts=3D20 by my XP firewall to block it. Eventually I got this=20
> >sorted and had a=3D20 quick chat with a German pilot flying an =
> >Jetstream up to=3D20 Prestwick. The voice module was fine and I note =
> >is now identical to=3D20 the ATOC voice software - they were separate =

> >modules in the past but,=3D20 oddly, if you had ATOC as well as ICR =
> >your system they would both=3D20 load up the pilot voice module..
> >
> >The new radar screen is totally different to the old one. Good news=20
> >is=3D20 that they have finally moved from Mercator projection to a=20
> >gnomonic=3D20 projection and we have lost the distortions produced by =

> >the former at=3D20 higher latitudes. The radar also boots up in full=20
> >screen mode without=3D20 any comms or flight strip boxes to clutter =
> >display - these now=3D20 being popups on demand. Personally I can't=20
> >work without flight strips - =3D
> >it's too engrained in my behavioural patterns to change - so I=20
> >will=3D20 have to tuck these away in a corner somewhere. The strips=20
> >themselves=3D20 are much smaller than before but still contain the =
> >of the earlier=3D20 software.
> >
> >One thing that may be a problem is the default full screen mode of=20
> >ICR. =3D
> >You can't change this to windowed mode - it is either full screen=20
> >or=3D20 minimised. This is going to make access to other software =
> >ServInfo =3D
> >or ATCA difficult for people like me who auto hide the Taskbar.
> >
> >One more significant issue is that the left mouse button now=20
> >controls=3D20 the ICR options menu. In the earlier software a double=20
> >click of this=3D20 button would centre the radar screen on the mouse=20
> >position - one reason =3D
> >why I could control aircraft across large areas of the UK. It was=20
> >very=3D20 quick to shift the screen to anywhere in the European =
> >by this=3D20 method and it looks like we have lost this function. The =

> >new software=3D20 seems to lock the screen centred on the selected=20
> >start up airfield and=3D20 I can't see an easy way to relocate. Mind=20
> >you I haven't even looked at=3D20 the manual yet so this feature may =
> >hidden away somewhere. It's=3D20 available through the menu system =
> >this is too slow because it=3D20 reloads the whole sector file first.
> >
> >The new software actually looks less like a real radar than the=20
> >earlier =3D
> >version but I think FPI have got this right. It is much more=20
> >suitable=3D20 for PC use and the developers have made a good decision =

> >here to stop=3D20 trying to emulate real radar screens.
> >
> >I'd like to give the software a real test so, if I am up to it,=20
> >I'll=3D20 try and log on sometime soon - I'll let you know when. I=20
> >can't say how=3D20 long for as it will be dictated by my energy =
> >but I'd hope to=3D20 stay online for at least an hour. I'll open up =
> >Ronaldsway purely for =3D
> >the fact that I don't have to think about procedures - I can still=20
> >do=3D20 them in my sleep
> >
> >Next job will be to reinstall all the ATOC pilot software again.=20
> >I've=3D20 finally got the new ATOC base pack file - both previous=20
> >attempts failed =3D
> >with about 5% of the 140Mb file left to go. It's always the way..
> >
> >HC@xxxxxxxxxx
> >http://fsaviation.net

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