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It's hard to suggest an airfield because anywhere you choose might possibly
draw the attention of a pilot who will then pop up on you. Obviously the
smaller the airfield you pick the better - say Tiree, Barton, Turweston or
similar. This is assuming you just want to log in and watch traffic. If you
mean to log in and work traffic then it boils down to whether you are going
to provide a VFR service (many fields to choose from here) or an IFR service
with vectoring and ILS instructions. You could try Plymouth, Norwich or
Cranfield for this - most will be quiet.

You don't need to sign up for anything to install the ASRC software - just
bang it in and switch it on. At that point it becomes trickier because
setting it up is the real pain - the manual only partly explaining how this
is done. The radar screen will be completely blank when you start it as you
have to load a sector file for the area you want. Doing this relocates the
radar to that position and draws up the coastline and airspace data for you.
You'll find a lot of these on the VAT_UK downloads pages - split into
centre, approach, tower or ground. There isn't a lot of data in the last two
types - you'll not see anything on the tube other than the airfield layout.
Load to a Centre file instead and you'll see masses of airspace data but no
detailed airports.

Setting the thing up to actually pick up VATSIM aircraft is another matter
and you will definitely have to read through the manual for this. It's not
the most user friendly document in the world as it goes into detail about
both the Centre display options and the Approach display options - it's
complexity bogging down the reading a bit in trying to explain the subtle
differences. If you get up and running just log in with the OBS option. I
know this stops you from playing with some of the buttons but the few times
I logged in "live" to see what these did always resulted in aircraft calling
me - despite my TESTING ONLY remark in my ATIS.

With FPI keyboard work is minimal and most functions are mouse driven - not
that you use this a lot either. That is what makes it a dream to use. ASRC
is keyboard intensive and I am still trying to work out what most of these


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Just loaded up ICP3 again, initially on my spare P2/400(not man enough).
Noticed 2*austrian pilots and Steve Tape at EGBJ, only me on control(OBS).
Which airfield would it be best for me to locate on without interferring
with the rest of you.
Also had a look at installing ARSC, but the manual talked about need ing
some ARTCC info, I did sign up with Vatsim as pilot and controller. What
info this was I did not know. Do I need to sign up for a course before
installing software?

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