[jhb_airlines] IAP Tutorial

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  • Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2007 20:20:02 +0100

Hopefully this is now finished and I invite questions and comments about
either the pages or about flying these procedures.


I can't do justice in just four pages to these procedures but there's plenty
of further information online - even Wiki has a decent section on them. All
I have done is condense the basics into the pages. The disadvantage of doing
this is that it may seem daunting as a few sentences can suggest a lot of
new concepts and ideas - but taken slowly the pages can be worked through
gradually and, hopefully, the concepts will start falling into place.

This is not an overnight exercise - it takes a lot of practise and possible
frustration. You may get part of the way through a procedure and suddenly
have no idea what comes next. This is normal so just keep plodding at it and
the information will slowly assimilate - you learn a little more each time.
Gradually your mind will absorb the added mental thought processes needed
and it will all start falling into place.

John Woodside

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