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Aspiration (or lack of it) has always made me wonder about the stuff people
are made of. I don't know if it is driven by determination, fascination,
curiosity or a genetic trigger. What I know now (and it came as a shock when
I realised it) is that some people know exactly what they want to do in
their life but others just haven't got a clue.

I was fascinated by aircraft right from the start. I don't know why and I
guess I never will but I was drawing aircraft at primary school and my book
collection started around the same age. Anyone remember the Eagle Book of
Aircraft - a brilliant book of British aircraft development with quite
detailed articles and lovely pictures (I still have mine). If you ever see
one on a book stall then pay a fiver and grab it - it's worth it. I digress.

I had no doubt what direction my career would be in and despite a reality
check on my dreaming to be a fighter pilot or B707 captain (well, we can all
dream can't we?) I knew that I would end up in aviation at some level. That
I ended up in ATC for 35 years and also a similar period as a pilot was more
a combination of enthusiasm and luck than determination. Enthusiasm and
curiosity is also why I extended my knowledge of aviation to other areas
outside ATC and why I spent a lot of time in Manx Operations or Load
Control, the flying club, the fire station and anywhere else the long
suffering staff allowed me. I was hungry for information and I learned a lot
(and very useful it has been too). It's why I bought FS as well - but you
all know my story here..

In the years that followed I have come across people who have no enthusiasm
at all and who simply haven't a clue as to what they want to do in life. As
I said above it was a shock to me to find this out but I guess it came home
when daughter was at University and I asked her what she was going to do
when she left. She didn't know. She worked hard and was clever - no doubt
about that - and I knew she would have no trouble in getting work and doing
well, but she just had no clue as to what this would be. She still doesn't
but has settled in with a firm that runs accounts for several companies in
the area.

After due reflection I guess I am lucky. I always knew what I wanted to do
and I feel almost sad that some people do not. It doesn't mean they won't be
happy or get a good job and do it well but I feel there is a little spark
missing and that some people will be wistful of a life unfulfilled..


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My BiL (soon to be ex as a divorce is proceeding) is a thoroughly nice but
somewhat feckless guy. He let me retile his bathroom top to bottom, while he
watched telly - something I could have never done had the roles been

He's a corporal in the army with an "honorary" Sergeant stripe because he
works in recruitment, because you have to be a sergeant to be in
recruitment, apparently. He's been in the army over 25 years.  Says it all I

It takes all sorts....


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