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Thanks John,
I was just about to try that but checked each partition again, first. It gets worse; the three partitions have changed again, going round one place. They must be being re named during the startup process. But how......?

Bones wrote:

Try Administrative Tools, Computer Management and select Disk Management.
I've not tried this to change drive letters but I believe you can do this.


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Having persuaded my PC to reboot, I've used it only for Email and internet access. I lie; this evening I ran Servinfo, just to see how many of you more fortunate s.ds were on line. Just loading the list took the temperature up to 65 deg C. I digress. Since I can't get to run FS9 and since FPI is entering Limbo, I decided to move the many ATOC aircraft out of the Aircraft folder and into a temporary ATOC Hangar. Which is when I hit the unnatural occurrence. The partitions on my second drive had all been re named. D is now E. E is now F. F is now D. How did that happen and is there a way of re naming the partitions, before tomorrows arrival of the USB 2 External Drive allows me to do a system backup?

Gerry Winskill

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