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Yep will do.

If anyone else has hours to send in then do so in the next day or so. No
need to make each flight verbose - you can cut it down as much as you like
as long as the flight total is there with the all important colon separator.

JHB4384 04:35

If the flight report is missing the colon or you've put this somewhere else
as well (maybe a summary of all hours) then I have to hand amend every
report. This what tends to make it a long winded job.

Short reports are nice because I can check them quickly. An ideal example

JHB324R EGJJ EGFF 2025 2113 00:48
JHB325R EGFF EIDW 2030 2133 01:03
JHB326R EIDW EGNS 2040 2113 00:33
JHB327R EGNS EGAC 2130 2155 00:25
JHB328  EGAC EGNS 2155 2222 00:28
JHB329  EGNS EGPF 2150 2244 00:54
JHB330  EGPF EGNS 1520 1612 00:52

Extra lines and comments only fill up the TXT file more rapidly and once
this reaches about 30K the compiler stops importing - which means I have to
transfer the total over to a new TXT file and archive the old one. Some of
you have quite a few of these.


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Can you hold off updating for a couple of days while I get my reports sorted
over the week-end?

Have quite a few but many hours on FPI are unlogged :-(

Will get everything together either tonight or tomorrow.


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I don't use Teamspeak at all as the original installation severely corrupted
my computer (for reasons I could never work out) and I've got far too much
important stuff on here to try it again. I still have RW1c and 1d installed
and that works fine for me.

If you have a batch of reports to send me then I'd like them now please.
There's no point sending them just after I update the pages because they
won't get processed for a good while - an update removes all the pilot
promotions and I like to leave these on for a week or so for everyone to


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 Either that or I start a

I think the workload that you currently have is enough. A forum would be
that much more.

Regards Pilot hours, the last site update was 2nd April, and I am not the
only one waiting for the hours to be updated.

Mine must be close to 300 (on site 160, and approx 100 sent to you, and at
close of FPI, pilot hours accrued 318, ATC 100+).

And I have a batch to waiting to send,  JHB flights and free flights.

An auto update system sounds the best way to go.

Have you tried logging into Rories TS server? you only need the TS client,
and make sure you have the right ports open on your router.

Paul R and I have been doing some flights together, using my FSHost server,
this last week, and using Skype for comms.

Frank F

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