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Despite the glitches the potential is certainly stunning. You just have to
look at
to see.


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I've seen FSX running and while I have reservations I'm also acutely aware
that it has been designed for an as yet unavailable operating system, vista,
and as yet unavailable processing routines, DX10.  The experience of current
users is on backwards compatible technology built in to widen it's sales

I would agree that with MS resources you would have expected better with
respect to terrain mapping etc but where do MS draw the line?  Do they put
the resources into developing a platform that will remain viable and dynamic
even with rapidly advancing technology or do they go for the eye candy?

Given that historically the products biggest user base seems to be the heavy
jet IFR crowd then the level of ground detail is not really too important.
It's nice that hills and mountains are visible and in the right place but
close up detail isn't an issue as long as there's an illusion of landing in
a populated world.  However, for VFR we enter a new realm and it's one I
believe FS have started to look at but left space for third party
development.  They know companies like Horizon will fill the gap and they're
quite happy for them to do so.  Had FS done the work then that would have
meant the need to do so in each of their target markets which would be cost
prohibitive.  However if you only fly VFR in your local area it makes sense
that you purchase a third party product for just that area.  For me, the
real issues we've seen so far have mainly related to delays in Vista and
DX10 release and third party developers getting hold of the full SDK late.

I still believe that once we're able to see the product running on an
optimised vista DX10 machine with the inevitable MS patch running we'll all
running it and FS9 will be consigned to the shelf with it's predecessors.
For me the release has been rushed, as I've said before I think they should
have had the courage to say it will be Vista/DX10 only but that would have
impacted on sales.


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