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  • From: "Alex - Reheat.org" <Alex@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 21 Oct 2006 22:48:30 +0100

Bloody hell Isaac! Hows the snails and frogs legs? brought me back a chunk of Brie I hope!

FPI is now Pilot Club, or vice versa, same old germans, only this time motivated by sponsorship, new (or highly updated) software that actually seems to work.
All good fun, only launched on Wednesday so not quite off the ground yet.

I'm personally running FS9 as well as FSX, It's not quite well supported enough yet for a full swapover.

So there is nothing to miss really! all just the same with a different name! only this time no staff...just a massive playground with no rules!

You back for long?

Tom Isaac wrote:
Hi guys,
Forgive the blunt intrusion but, just returned from a Sojourn a La France to touch base and one of the bases has disappeared (was it something I said)?
A lot has happened in my absence, and having returned to well over 900 emails I couldn't possibly track all threads but I see that FPI is dead and buried.
No big surprise really I suppose but, a big shame all the same, although I haven't been active lately, I'm going to miss it terribly.
I see that you all seem to be flying FSX now  - is FS9 "old hat" now then?
I've also noticed that you are all signed up to Pilot-Club - and paying for it. How does that work then?
I apologise for firing questions in this manner but, I really am that out of touch
Regards to you all

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