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Tom Smith
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  Hi guys,

    Forgive the blunt intrusion but, just returned from a Sojourn a La France 
to touch base and one of the bases has disappeared (was it something I said)?
    A lot has happened in my absence, and having returned to well over 900 
emails I couldn't possibly track all threads but I see that FPI is dead and 
    No big surprise really I suppose but, a big shame all the same, although I 
haven't been active lately, I'm going to miss it terribly.

    I see that you all seem to be flying FSX now  - is FS9 "old hat" now then?
    I've also noticed that you are all signed up to Pilot-Club - and paying for 
it. How does that work then?

    I apologise for firing questions in this manner but, I really am that out 
of touch

    Regards to you all


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