[jhb_airlines] Re: Hi Guys

  • From: "Alex - Reheat.org" <Alex@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: jhb_airlines@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 21 Oct 2006 23:17:09 +0100


Thankfully all operations now completed, the nickname "donkey" has stuck but for different reasons.......

Anyway, to be serious for a minute, you can get onto pilot club for free, no charge for the network usage, the only thing you pay for is to accumulate these miles things and get discounts on FS products.

As long as you can remember how to forward firewall ports you will be fine! good luck with it running on that laptop though! ........ they never seem to like FS!

Still pissed I see.....

Tom Isaac wrote:
Well yes Alex,
FS9 has gone, as has my desktop (SWMBO now has it & I'm reduced to a lowly 2.5Ghz laptop). I haven't loaded FS on it yet so, don't know how it will work but will try.
Might need some help with loading up the software for Pilot-Club though. I take it I've got to pay for that privilage.
From what I have manged to read on the threads though, it seems to be besieged with its own difficulties or have I got that wrong.
Looking forward to a flight though - it's been a while. Are you still as ugly as you ever were or did you manage save up enough money for the operation?

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