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From the start menu type CMD and hit return

You'll now have an open DOS box.

Now type ipconfig and hit return.

The ipaddress will be shown.

Write down the address then, to close the DOS box

Either type EXIT and hit return or simply click on the X in the corner

Do this on each machine you need to acquire the address.


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How does one find the IP of the LAN computers? I have always had trouble
with this.


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> You don't need to install the MTL library on the non-flying machine.
> Install it on the flying machine and THEN copy across the mtl.dat file
> from the flying machine to the non-flying machine.
> Chap 20 in the manual shows how to set up the s/w across a LAN. Taking
> my setup as an example: the IP of my flying machine is,
> that of my remote non-flying machine is Like you I have
> the 'Network Interface' and the 'User Interface' both running on my
> non-flying pc so, on the 'Network & Multi PC' tab in 'IvAp -
> Configuration' I have the following entries in the 'Multi PC setup'
> box:
> IP of Flight Simulator PC:
> IP of Network Interface PC:
> IP of User Interface PC:
> This must be set-up identically on both pc's.
> The order of running each program is described in the manual and must
> be followed exactly.
> Good luck!
> M.
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>> OK, so I'm a month behind everyone else with IVAO.  I'm hoping you've
>> ironed out all the wrinkles by now and that someone can help me with
>> configuring it to run on my LAN.
>> IVAP installed on both PCs, as per the manual.  FS PC has FS
>> interface, non-FS PC has Network interface and User interface.  MTL
>> and base library installed on FS PC and mtl.dat copied to non-FS PC.
>> (NOTE - manual does not say to install MTL/base library on non-FS PC,
>> so I have not done so).
>> As per manual, I start Network interface, then User interface, on
>> non-FS PC.  Problem #1 - error message "Failed to read MTL
>> configuration files", followed by instructions to install the
>> MTL/base package on this
>> (non-FS) PC.
>> Can someone confirm that, despite the manual not mentioning this, it
>> IS in fact necessary to install MTL/base library to the non-FS PC?
>> I'm sure there will be more questions as I progress.
>> Mike L
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