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  • Date: Sat, 18 Aug 2007 17:47:13 +0100

Mike L

Could it be you had the IVAO port (6810) forwarded to the wrong machine?
I'm running IVAO on a single PC so can't check which one would need it


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Thanks for your prompt response.  However my own experience over the
last couple of hours doesn't mirror your own:

- I HAD to install the MTL software (although not any aircraft) on the
non-FS PC in order to get the User Interface running without errors.

- With both Network Interface and User Interface on the non-FS PC, I
could not get a MP connection (and, yes, I had the correct IP addresses
in the config dialog box).  As soon as I moved the Network Interface to
the FS PC, all the lights and bells flashed and rang and I had my MP
connection OK.  I confirmed that I was able to connect to the IVAO
servers, and I even got a message from my firewall asking if it was OK
for TS to connect, so that's encouraging too.

Clearly what worked for you didn't for me, but I seem to be getting there.

Mike Brook wrote:
> You don't need to install the MTL library on the non-flying machine.
> Install it on the flying machine and THEN copy across the mtl.dat file
> from the flying machine to the non-flying machine.
> Chap 20 in the manual shows how to set up the s/w across a LAN. Taking
> my setup as an example: the IP of my flying machine is,
> that of my remote non-flying machine is Like you I have
> the 'Network Interface' and the 'User Interface' both running on my
> non-flying pc so, on the 'Network & Multi PC' tab in 'IvAp -
> Configuration' I have the following entries in the 'Multi PC setup'
> box:
> IP of Flight Simulator PC:
> IP of Network Interface PC:
> IP of User Interface PC:
> This must be set-up identically on both pc's.
> The order of running each program is described in the manual and must
> be followed exactly.
> Good luck!
> M.
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>> OK, so I'm a month behind everyone else with IVAO.  I'm
>> hoping you've ironed out all the wrinkles by now and that
>> someone can help me with configuring it to run on my LAN.
>> IVAP installed on both PCs, as per the manual.  FS PC has FS
>> interface, non-FS PC has Network interface and User
>> interface.  MTL and base library installed on FS PC and
>> mtl.dat copied to non-FS PC.  (NOTE - manual does not say to
>> install MTL/base library on non-FS PC, so I have not done so).
>> As per manual, I start Network interface, then User
>> interface, on non-FS PC.  Problem #1 - error message "Failed
>> to read MTL configuration files", followed by instructions to
>> install the MTL/base package on this
>> (non-FS) PC.
>> Can someone confirm that, despite the manual not mentioning
>> this, it IS in fact necessary to install MTL/base library to
>> the non-FS PC?
>> I'm sure there will be more questions as I progress.
>> Mike L

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