[jhb_airlines] Re: Help Required! - Scenery Conflict

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  • Date: Thu, 17 Aug 2006 21:05:59 +0100

AFCAD's don't place buildings on airfields - just the ground layout (flat 2D
polys). It could be that you've got an AFCAD for the airport that isn't
associated with the 3D scenery - such as an Ultimate Traffic AFCAD
overlaying the UK2000 scenery. The hard bit is in finding it.

For a start try a search on all BGL files beginning with AF2_ and a second
search for those starting with F1UT_. That may narrow it down a bit.

I must admit I don't install any UK AFCAD files at all unless part of a
scenery package.


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Hi Gerry,

As usual I don't think I put my point across clearly. The problem isn't
exactly unwanted buildings, but it appears to be 2 different copies of EGHH
laid over each other, one far more detailed than the first. So I'm assuming
I have 2 AFCAD's for the same airport installed - thus causing buildings
over the taxyways etc.

I don't want rid of all the buildings and tree's I just want one version of
the airport.

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> Alex,
> The easiest way of getting rid of unwanted buildings, AG trees, etc is
> with an exclude file. I use ExcBuilder as by far the easiest way of
> making an exclude. It's available via a search on Avsim.
> Gerry Winskill
> Alex Barrett wrote:
> >Hi Gents!
> >
> >Got a problem which I know someone on here will be able to help with.
> >I have Buildings across many of the taxyways at EGHH (Bournemouth) I have
had a look in my Addon Scenery directory and can't see any AFCAD files for
EGHH. Can someone please help. Its driving me mad as I am trying to redo a
Bournemouth scenery file for release as there doesn't seem to be a good one
out there!
> >
> >The most common resolutions on here seem to use FSNav's scenery DB
> >maker, I have had a look at that but cant see any features other than are
in the normal scenery library. I'm obviously not looking in the right
> >
> >All the best!
> >
> >Alex
> >
> >
> >
> >

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