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Remembered. Far less complicated than I thought I recalled and doesn't need FSUIPC, either.
Just use GFConfig and allocated three buttons. One for Pushback, one for Face Left and one for Face Right. Then assign the three buttons to keystrokes, PB allocated to 1. Face Left allocated to keys 1 and2. Face Left allocated to kjeys 1 and 3. As simple as that and one of the most useful of button assignments, particularly for FPI sessions. Useing the alternative, Slew, can result in the aircraft going rapidl;y into orbit, to the consternation of the controller.

Gerry Winskill

Bones wrote:

Can't help here as I only use the default GF assignments. I've never tried
rerouting them through FSUIPC.


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Since I mamaged to get FS9 working again, after its recent wobbly, some of the Control and GF assignments seem to have bitten the dust. Amonst the GF deletions were Push Back, Face Left and Face Right, each of wich I'd assigned to a GF button. I've recovered the straight Pushback assignment, by assigning it, in FSConfig, to key1, then via FSUIPC assigning key 1 to the required button. I can't find similar FSUIPC options for Face Left and Face Right. Anyone able to jog my memory, please? Gerry Winskill

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