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The description suggests you have an issue relatiing to user rights. It looks as though both programmes are being blocked from changing the scenery.cfg files. The simple way around this is to turn off user rights (windows defender will complain but you're only doing this temporarily) update the flightsim then turn back on user rights.

Alternatively you could check whether your given user account has full permissions for FSX. One way of handling this is when launching FSX so so by right-clicking on fsx.exe (or fs9 for that matter) and running it as an administrator.


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Ok you brainy lot, sort this.

Been having trouble with FS9 install on my Vista 64 machine, had to sort out the Saitek system, done that. Noticed that I could not add scenery, got as far as selecting in the library, but the ok button does nothing. At the same time, I had copied all the Horizon files from FSX, onto an external drive, and sorted them into them into an AIO file, and tried to install into the FSX library, no go.

Have now installed the FS9 onto the Vista 32 machine, added the necessary scenery files and tested, no problem.

Now gone back to the Vista 64 machine and FSX. Same problem with installing scenery into the library. Ok I thought, maybe there is a limit to the number of scenery files it will hold, so have deleted the ones I do not use anymore, moved some into the main Scenery/Texture folders and deleted the existing. Still cannot add more files, get as far as selecting them, and clicking on the OK button, ziltch!!!

Am I being locked out by FSX/Vista??

No warning message popping up, so have no idea as to what is happening.


Frank F

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