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I must admit to an equal degree of concern when flying into EGLL for real
but it is surprisingly easy. As long as you have the chart showing all the
block numbers the exceptionally precise Ground instructions are excellent.

We usually park up at Fields/Harrods/Metro or whatever it is these days.
Landing on 27L or 09R is a doddle as you just vacate to the south. Landing
on 27R requires a more complex route onto the inner or outer, then down the
old 04 for a bit and off into the spur. Change frequency to cross 27L and
then into the bay. You feel a bit vulnerable with a B747 ahead and three
behind but you try to ignore them.. <g>

The one thing I never got used to was standing on the Metro apron when 09R
was in use. The departing aircraft would be only about 300ft up as they
passed you.. 


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Before dawn cracked, or sparrows farted and whilst it was still to dark 
to check which way the water was going down the plug 'ole, I'd 
downloaded and tried the Demo version of GS's Heathrow Xtreme. It's on 
both Avsim and the other one.

For the last couple of years I've been less than ecstatic in my comments 
on sceneries from this stable. I felt Gary had fallen into the trap of 
adding detail because it was technically possible, at the expense of 
performance. I must admit that my attitude hasn't been helped by the 
nauseatingly sycophantic postings of some of his customers.

In the case of the Heathrow demo my reaction is quite different. Having 
had the misfortune to have to arrive at Thiefrow this Wednesday, so it's 
still fresh in my mind, the Demo version is magical. It's resemblance to 
the real place is uncannily accurate. It falls short in only one 
respect; it's a damned site cleaner!

On my system, with most sliders at max, framerates are very good. They 
fall to about 12fps, at times, whilst taxiing. But that's despite my 
having AI sliders at 80% and even at 12 fps it's so, so smooth.

That left me with one concern, having completed a couple of Citation 
daylight ILS circuits. Are the dreaded over bloomed runway lights going 
to rule out night flying. My early complaints about blooming lights at 
Bristol produced the reply that it was an MS fault, about which nothing 
could be done. With the exception of a few of the PAPI lights the bloom 
isn't present at Heathrow. What little there is didn't impair landing at 

So, I'll shortly be parting with £14.50 from my normally hermetically 
sealed wallet. I'd definitely recommend trying the Demo version. Ignore 
the large blue "DEMO" boards on the runways, I just flew straight 
through them, helped by the fact that, in this version, they're only one 

One thing's for sure though; I won't be flying into or out of Heathrow 
on IVAO. Only the inbuilt Progressive Taxi arrows get me from parking 
spot to runway and back. On IVAO I'd be in a state of abject panic!

Gerry Winskill

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