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If you go into the ATC setup box and select the Flightstrip tab you can
choose a few options for strip display. One is to show all strips but =
is fairly pointless as you get most European traffic. Another is to show
selected strips and here you can type in the airfield codes for the =
destinations. Last week I set my system up by putting just Glasgow and
Bristol in here and so I had strips for the UK aircraft on those routes =
nothing else.

Regardless of how you organise this selection you still see all the =
blips on
radar - and can still right click a blip to bring up its strip in the =
right of your screen.

Being ex ATC I can't work without the strips and always have them on =
Old habits is one reason but strips also allow you to continue =
traffic even if the radar fails. You don't need radar to control traffic =
we got along quite happily without radar from 1946 to the early 1970's - =
procedural control is a different discipline and takes some learning.=20

Us old guys are still in the habit of applying procedural clearances to
aircraft despite radar as we know that should the radar suddenly get =
or the radio fail, the aircraft are still safe. An example is =
restricting an
outbound aircraft to a level like FL110 if we know that there is an =
aircraft approaching on the same route. We wouldn't just drop the =
inbound to
6000ft and clear the outbound up to FL310 and then use radar to resolve =

The trouble is that procedural control is hard to teach. You only learn =
of it at the college - the rest by actually working traffic and learning
from experience. Some of the old guys were real procedural wizards and =
handle lots of traffic without turning a hair - it was fascinating to =
but you couldn't work out how they did it. These chaps were at Barton =
when I was posted there - the original Northern ATCC that existed prior =
Manchester sub centre (London ATCC controlled up to Birmingham, Northern
ATCC from Brum to 55N and then Scottish ATCC onwards). Barton Hall was a
lovely country house some six miles north of Preston in beautiful =
and I regret its closure. There was little outside to spoil the view - =
a couple of radio antennae. Inside it was all low tech with most =
being nothing more than sloping boards for the strips and a radio socket =
plug a headset in. A headset, a pen and some strips and you were in =

I'd better shut up now or else I could ramble on all night..


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I can't say for sure on this one as a pilot Frank, but as a controller I =

only have access to your flightstrip after you have double-clicked on my =

listing in the ATOC ATC box, (this calls up the ATIS) only then do all =
handoffs become available, however this appears a chore if all you =
do is re-tune the Comm radio.


At 20:43 11/24/2004, you wrote:
>Hi All,
>I have recently been chewing over Gerry's e-mail regarding "we" doing=20
>the flying, and Bones comments on having your hands full when things go =

>off  plan.
>Tonight I thought I would try my hand at IFR flying on FPI, instead of=20
>the usual VFR. There were controllers along my chosen route of Glasgow=20
>to Bristol, and I had downloaded the charts for both airfields. I had=20
>also mentally rehearsed the Glasgow SID, so it should be a piece of=20
>cake, getting the  autopilot
>to do most of the flying.
>All went well until being switched from London Centre to Bristol=20
>Approach, as I just could not get the EGGD_APP to arrive in my ATC=20
>selection box. I tried
>  entering it into the ATOC voice connection box, but when I checked=20
>the VOX window I was there on my own. Meanwhile, because I had also=20
>tuned into the UK channel, I could hear the controllers having a=20
>conversation about my failure to  tune to EGGD_APP. Using my initiative =

>I spoke to Brian on the UK channel and we  used it to get me down, but=20
>you can imagine the flap as I was wrestling
>with the  comms, taking instructions on course changes and the descent, =
>trying to keep  cool!
>One of the things I tried was to tune the aircraft com radio to the =20
>required frequency, but this didn't appear to work. Does anyone know a=20
>sure fire  way to manually tune the ATOC radios? I really would like to =

>avoid this  happening again!
>Frank T.
>Needless to say, once on the ground and parked, I managed to get on to=20
>the correct channel.

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