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Hi Ernie,

I started off with a basic CH FlightStick and used that for many years.
I later upgraded this for the CH Force FX stick but I didn't really take
to it - first I had problems getting any drivers for it and when I got
it working the stick forces were very heavy. This wasn't from the force
feedback effects (which worked very well) but from the stick itself as
there was a lot of friction between the stick and the force feedback
actuator mechanism. It made the stick very sluggish to use and so I
eventually removed the drive pins and disabled the FF function.

About the same time I got a pair of CH Rudder Pedals - the Pro version
as they are tougher and have a reasonable spacing between the pedals.
They've worked very well for years now so they are tough. They are an
expensive item just to make taxying easier but I recommend them if you
fly light aircraft a lot and have to contend with sideslipping and
crosswinds. They are almost essential for taildraggers to stop the
aircraft swinging on take off and landing - and also essential is you
like aerobatics. If you mainly fly big jets with the autopilot on I'd
say that you would find them less exciting to play with.

I often thought about getting a throttle unit like the Thrustmaster
HOTAS but most of these units are designed for left hand use with the
right hand on a military style (usually F16 style) stick. Another
alternative was to dump my stick and go for the CH Yoke which has either
one lever or three lever options but, despite many enthusiastic comments
about these, I opted out through lack of space.

In the end my next step forward was to the GoFlight units to make COM,
NAV, ADF and transponder settings easier (and more realistic). I started
off with just the GF-45 and GF-P8 - a nice combination to take in all
these functions plus a few more like autopilot settings and altimeter
settings. Later on I extended these two units by adding a further four -
the Autopilot and Landing Gear units plus a further GF-P8 (set up for
all the electrics and lighting) and a GF-T8 which I use for an avionics
audio panel. Finally I took the plunge and bought the new GF-TQ6
throttle unit but that was very expensive and remains my one and only
"serious" FS purchase - but a great help when flying any type of
aircraft. It can be set up for the throttle, pitch and mixture controls
in light aircraft and can also be a full four throttle quadrant for the
big jets (plus flap and spoiler levers).

You therefore have a lot of hardware to choose from but I think you
first have to consider the sort of aircraft you fly. This will dictate
the priority of the extra hardware..


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> As you may or may not know,at the moment I am  
> "grounded",awaiting new 
> glasses after my second cataract operation.So as I am  off 
> flying for a bit,I want 
> to use the spare time productively.
> At the moment I am considering if I should "invest" in some  
> different flying 
> hardware,and if so What ???
> I have a Microsoft Sidewindwer joystick !!! That's it  !!!
> My computer is well able to cope with any demands with an AMD 
>  Athlone 2800XP 
> processor,Latge hard drive,512 RAM and GEForce 5200 graphics  
> card. I would seriously like to know from all JHB  
> pilots,(particularly the "proper 
> pilots"),is what you use  when you are only virtual pilots.Do 
> you have foot 
> pedals,and what type  of joystick or other control do you 
> have ??? It might be useful for other virtual non proper 
> pilots to  have this info,so 
> kindly reply through the jhb airlines address.
> I thank you in anticipation of any replies.Costs would also 
> be  very much 
> appreciated
> Cheers
> Ernie 156 

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