[jhb_airlines] Re: Hard drive problems

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When you first run the FSX install, on the bottom left of the first screen
you have a button that says "More Options>".  Click on this and at the top
you will get a box with Installation Folder in it.   Change the contents of
this to:




You can leave all the tick boxes as they are.


Hit the "Install" button and everything should proceed normally.


You will now be installing FSX into the FSX directory on the E: drive. Have




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I have just had a 500GB Hitachi Sata hard drive installed.Drive E

I tried to install FSX and the following occurred.

On attempting the install I got a message saying not enough room on hard
drive C.  I then used the browse facility, selected drive E.  I then
received another message saying, "Cannot install to the root of a drive".  

Can anyone give me some advice I dont know what to do next.


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