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  • Date: Wed, 18 Oct 2006 16:59:04 +0100

I'm not sure who's on which list, these days, so I'll post the content of one 
of Howard's observations

   "If you haven't found these, you might like them:

CTRL+J will make the jetway on a terminal dock with your airliner. 
(Tried it on the 737 and it worked).

SHIFT+F will call the fuel truck to your aircraft (no more taxying to 
the pumps!)

SHIFT+E+2 on an airliner will open the baggage hold and make the baggage 
vehicles attend to your aircraft. (Haven't seen any baggage yet and on 
the CRJ.700 they go to the wrong side!)

Anyone found any more?

Howard J. Curtis  "

I've used two of the three and they're quite good. 
The jetway performance surprised me. I parked the Airbus slightly askew, at 
Frankfurt. It took a couple of minutes to get there but it fiddled around and 
ended up very accurately docked to the aircraft. Ten out of ten!

Shift F produced a message, telling me I was number 16 in the queue for 
refuelling. It then proceeded to keep me updated with my place in the queue 
until, 30 minutes later, it could be seen coming along from one of the other 
aprons. Parked alongside and I half expected a little man to come over. Instead 
the Aircraft, Fuel, Change menu popped up. A bit of a letdown having to fill 
that in. I can see installation of my normal red refuel button looming ahead.

The third one didn't work, since it clashes, as in FS9, with the sequence for 
one of the panel popups. If anyone can locate this function in the Control 
Assignments list, it should be easy to change.

Gerry Winskil 

NOCC, http://nocc.sourceforge.net

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