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Sorry for the delay. Just finished washing up, after watching the United match. 
Cowardice in the face of the....oops.
 I'm using the Fokker 100, Swissair Tay 620 version, at present.

Gerry Winskill

On 18 Dec 2004 at 18:36, Bones wrote:

> Gerry,
> I've been fiddling with XML most of the afternoon and have finally got
> a readout working. An added bonus is that it can be activated from a =
> switch on the panel. Text size is a bit large but I haven't found out
> how to = reduce this yet.
> Can you let me know which aircraft you are thinking of adding this too
> = so I could test it in one? At the moment I have only used it on the
> Cessna = 172.
> bones
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> [jhb_airlines] Re: Gross Weight
> I've got the speeds, from the data with the a/c. To pick the relevant
> Vspeed, I need the=20 AUW; which is the missing bit. Another approach
> would be to use an = available fuel=20 gauge, that reports current
> fuel staus, with wt as an option. Provided = my checklist=20 contains
> the wt of a/c + passengers and luggage, without fuel, I could = get to
> the AUW=20 just by adding current fuel wt to this wt net of fuel. I'll
> try it tomorrow. Incidentally, just finished a flight in the F100. It
> cant reach anything like the stated 280=20 kias climb speed and is a
> bit sluggish down the runway. I'll Power = Scalar it, tomorrow.
> Gerry Winskill
> gwinsk@xxxxxxx

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