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I've been fiddling with XML most of the afternoon and have finally got a
readout working. An added bonus is that it can be activated from a =
switch on
the panel. Text size is a bit large but I haven't found out how to =
this yet.

Can you let me know which aircraft you are thinking of adding this too =
so I
could test it in one? At the moment I have only used it on the Cessna =


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I've got the speeds, from the data with the a/c. To pick the relevant
Vspeed, I need the=20
AUW; which is the missing bit. Another approach would be to use an =
gauge, that reports current fuel staus, with wt as an option. Provided =
contains the wt of a/c + passengers and luggage, without fuel, I could =
to the AUW=20
just by adding current fuel wt to this wt net of fuel.
I'll try it tomorrow.
Incidentally, just finished a flight in the F100. It cant reach anything
like the stated 280=20
kias climb speed and is a bit sluggish down the runway. I'll Power =
it, tomorrow.

Gerry Winskill

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