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  • Date: Mon, 20 Dec 2004 14:42:56 -0000

I'm sitting on the ground having dialled in a 25kt headwind. This value =
what is showing with SHIFT + Z but it also shows 25kts in FSNav. On the =
gauge IAS is 25kts, GS is 0 and the sim has just locked on me. Hang on..

OK that was me recompiling gauges with FS running - it sometimes bombs =
doing this.

The CRJ gauge gives IAS of 25, TAS of 25, GS of 0 so everything looks =
right. Going up to 500ft at 105kts on the ASI this is correct with the =
Z display, shows in FSNav and the CRJ display shows IAS 105, TAS 105 and =
80. All still show the same wind..


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Since the panel Windspeed and my third screen's FANav display always =
the same=20
speed, with FSMeteo in use, does it seem likely that it's the FS9
interpretation that's=20
wrong? If so, then my assumption re the default F100 windgauge is wrong =
it picks=20
up its input from FS9?
Gerry Winskill

On 19 Dec 2004 at 17:38, Bones wrote:

> If you look at the wind speed in FSNav you will see it is vastly =3D
> different from the wind shown in FS using SHIFT + Z. I don't know if=20
> it is fixed =3D in FS2004 but the wind strength in FS2002 was totally=20
> wrong. If you input a value in the weather section FS either used half =

> or double of this - I =3D can't remember exactly. I haven't checked =
> to see if this has been carried forward into FS2004.
> FSNav ignored this value and showed the real wind. Furthermore I think
> =3D it also shows the wind as corrected by FSUIPC. Certainly the FSNav =

> wind =3D changes quite frequently compared to the FS readout..
> bones
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> [jhb_airlines] Re: Gross Weight
> Frank,
> There are a couple of these already available. Oddly, in the F100, the =

> =3D wind gauge=3D20 doesn't show up if there's no wind. I think it's=20
> taking its data from =3D FSNav, which does the=3D20 same thing. Odder=20
> still is that it gives the correct direction but =3D wildly inaccurate =

> strength.  If yo don't have a windgauge I'll send you a copy, =3D off=20
> list. Don't know who is the=3D20 designer. Since it's green digits on =
> black backgroound, it fits neatly into some of the=3D20 commonly used=20
> PFD gauge display areas.
> Gerry Winskill
> gwinsk@xxxxxxx
> On 19 Dec 2004 at 6:22, FrankTurley@xxxxxxx wrote:
> >=3D20
> > In a message dated 19/12/2004 10:46:19 GMT Standard Time,=3D20
> >bones@xxxxxxx  writes: Are  there any other values you would =
like=3D20 =20
> >including whilst I am working  =3D3D on it? I can ad almost any =
FS=3D20 =20
> >parameter - IAS, TAS, ground speed,  empty =3D3D weight, fuel weight, =
> >=3D
> zero=3D20
> > fuel weight etc  etc..
> >=3D20
> >=3D20
> >=3D20
> > Bones,
> >=3D20
> > Does that mean you could make a guage to indicate the wind
> >direction=3D20 and  speed? =3D20
> > Frank T.
> >=3D20
> >=3D20
> >=3D20

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