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For those wanting the 'ultimate' in power - 1000w! http://www.novatech.co.uk/novatech/specpage.html?ene-1000&P=4


Alex - Reheat.org wrote:
Hi Gerry,

I think that is something left over from one of the beta drivers, I remember something about it a while back on a forum as I had the same thing. I re-downloaded the latest drivers and annoying message has now gone.

Its true FSX has no SLI support however I'm not quite sure I'm ready to move to SLI yet as all the people I know who have it running don't get vastly different results for the vastly different pricetags. I think single GPU is probably the way to go.

One thing that is very obvious these days is loads of new components need excessive amounts of power available to them, PSU's have always been ignored by all but the hardcore gamers. I think very soon this will change. If anyone is thinking of upgrading then novatech currently have a 600watt model for sale at only 19GBP

Although for anyone seriously thinking about a new graphics card soon I would highly recommend this one, I put it in all the PC's I build for people, its silent and powerful and I've never had one go wrong yet.


All the best,


Gerry Winskill wrote:
There isn't and, though it is probably of benefit to FS, the 8800 series' processor is designed with SLI in mind.

SLI has intoduced another irritant; a popup message. Whenever my FS machine boots up I'm warned that sicne I only have one graphics card SLI has been disabled. My mobo only has one PCI-Express x 16 slot, so it should know I can't run SLI. So, what sends me the message?

Gerry Winskill

Bones wrote:

I thought there was no SLI support in FSX?


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Wonder what it would be like in SLI mode??

Alex - Reheat.org wrote:
Hello Gerry,

Haven't got one myself (yet ;) ) but I installed one on monday, a
8800GTX no less (under 400 pounds from dabs)

All I will say is that Its STUNNING, I've been looking at comparison
charts, the 6600GT gives 92 million vertices's a second, the the
8800GTX gives 3.6BILLION.
In FSX with 3 IRIS F-14 Tomcats on screen FPS was 18 with the 6600GT,
with the 8800GTX it was 45 with 6 tomcats on screen.

BUT you need AT LEAST 600 Watts coming out of your PSU, 2 free IDE
sockets and plenty of cooling power. But boy is it a beast ;) oh and
1gb of ram too, it uses it as swap storage or summat!


Gerry Winskill wrote:
I see the nVidia 8800 series is now out.
Anyone ordered it, at a smidgeon under £500?

Gerry Winskill

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