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And we have to ask the question about ATi having some sort of advantage now
they are part of the Intel camp.


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Just to cloud the issue further is the "all new DirectX 10"
ATi and Nvidia are approaching things in different ways!


Kev T

At 19:43 10/1/2006, you wrote:
>It's for this reason that I have decided to upgrade my PC now. It might
>allow me to use FS2004 at almost optimum level and finally enjoy it.
>I'm not going to get FSX yet as I know it would struggle and that would
>just be far too frustrating. I've decided to wait until Vista is out
>first, see what differences that makes to FSX and performance, work out
>the optimum upgrade for this combination and then upgrade for this.
>I'll bet that will be a good year or so away though.
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>To date, machines have caught up with the MSFS design after about 2
>About when a new version is due.
>Even my AMD 3200/64 can just about run FS9 with all the stops out, mind
>a better video card will up the spec more, until I change the machine
>next year. Frank F

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