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  • Date: Mon, 3 Sep 2007 19:56:50 +0100

Make sure the mouse focus is on the map and not on the data panels on the
left. Click on the map to make sure and then use the key presses.

Just passing Crewe and heading for WAL.


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Well, Ctrl+Alt+A does nothing with Google Earth for me ... ??

Mike L

bones wrote:
> Absolutely incredible.
> The sensation is so real that it beats FS hands down for approximating
> real world flight. The handling is silky smooth - no frame rate issues -
> although the controls are a tad over sensitive. Trim works correctly in
> that as speed is lost in a trimmed climb the trim becomes less effective
> and you need to wind more on.
> You need trim too as the is no auto levelling of the aircraft - it is
> completely neutrally stable - which most people will think of as unstable.
> I guess the best bit is that it's like flying around the photo scenery
> UK but this level of detail is worldwide - at least to Google's coverage.
> Just over Aylesbury and heading north. Brilliant for map reading
> practise as you don't have GPS or FSNav to cheat with!
> bones
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>     Hi Guys,
>     Just heard this on SkyBlue FS Radio (Http://www.skyblueradio.com)
> http://marco-za.blogspot.com/2007/08/google-earth-flight-simulator.htm
> l
>     The latest version of Google Earth has a Flight Simulator built into
>     it!
>     Only very rudementary but its a promising start perhaps?
>     For those that can't be bothered to read the article then make sure
>     you have the latest Google Earth and press CRTL ALT A
>     Alex
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