[jhb_airlines] Re: GoFlight modules - help needed

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  • Date: Tue, 11 Oct 2005 15:51:35 +0100

That was going to be my next suggestion as I'd heard that a good number of
users are having problems with 1.54. This is one reason why GF have kept the
1.33 version on their site - it was a rock solid release.


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Update - have just discovered that GF config software v 1.52 supplied on
CD with the new kit allows the 166A and RP48 to function OK.  So the
updated version 1.54 which I downloaded is clearly at fault ...


Bones wrote:
> I'm glad you got the GF-MCP as it is the most valuable item in my
> collection. I reckon I use it more than the other five units put
> together.
> Unfortunately I don't have the 166A or the RP48 so I have no idea
> about the setup for these units. You appear to be 90% there as the PCI
> hub has identified them and they appear in your Go Flight
> configuration utility. The only thing you don't say is whether
> selection of the new units in this module causes the lights to
> illuminate on the selected unit.
> Can I also check which version of the GF Utility you are running? Mine
> is 1.54 which I believe is necessary for FS2002/4 users now. The older
> 1.33 version is only supposed to be used on earlier versions - a pity
> as it was the better interface.
> bones
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> Subject: [jhb_airlines] GoFlight modules - help needed
> I have just added three new GoFlight modules and am experiencing
> problems getting two of them to work.  New modules are -
> GF-MCP autopilot
> GF-166A COM/NAV radio module
> RP48 combined rotary pushbutton module
> I can only get the autopilot module to work, although the other two
> show up OK in the GoFlight config utility and will accept button
> assignments there.  All 3 of the new modules are connected through the
> same (new) Adaptec PCI USB hub, whose config utiity correctly
> identifies all three new devices.
> My existing GoFlight kit (throttle quadrant, GF-P8 and GF-45) all
> continue to work OK, although assigning one of the GF-P8 buttons to
> toggle functions on the new GF166 doesn't work and instead continues
> to toggle functions on the old GF-45 even though that button is no
> longer assigned to the GF-45.
> Any help from other GoFlight users would be *much* appreciated.
> Mike L

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