[jhb_airlines] Re: GoFlight modules - help needed

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  • Date: Wed, 12 Oct 2005 19:03:57 +0100

I usually leave the GF45 displaying DME1.
As time passes some of the originally logical button assignments find themselves rarely used. I've now re assigned three of them to Push Back, Face Left and Face Right. They get used in almost all of the Wednesday sessions and relieve me of the need to use Slew or mouse prods at a panel'd Push Back button.
One of the GF kit's attractions is it can bw whatever you wish.

Gerry Winskill

Bones wrote:

I do the same but as I have the MCP to set OBS1 the INST button is usually
left on the QNH all the time. As you say, the permutations with the units
are vast and I doubt any two people will end up with similar configurations.

If I had one change I'd like to see it would be more functions for the GF-T8
- it seems to be rather left behind by it's P8 cousin. Because of this the
P8 is far more value for money.


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During flight I leave the GF45 set on QNH in millibars, and only change it i want to adjust something else like OBS1. I think they could modify the softfare to add some more functionality to it, and remove duplications if you have other modules installed. "Load this option if you have GF166s" "Load this module if you don't" sort of thng. Perhaps I'll send them an email... Peter

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