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FS9 doesn't have the bitmap resolution to cope otherwise Mally wouldn't have
made his textures so coarse. At 4.3 metres a pixel my guess is that the new
set will look much the same as Mally's textures - but I would be glad to be
proved wrong.

I did experiment with high res textures in FS9 but they weren't a success.


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It is an enormous step forward and will eliminate the frustration when
coming back to VFR GM, from a look at Windows Live Local.
I wonder how much of the effect will be lost, if used with FS9? It would
be great to have it with FS9 framerates etc.

Gerry Winskill

Bones wrote:

>If you haven't considered dumping your VFGM Photo Scenery then I think
>the above may change your mind. Screenshots are of the Horizon photo
>scenery set, not that being planned by JustFlight.

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