[jhb_airlines] General queries

  • From: Fivewildthings@xxxxxxx
  • To: jhb_airlines@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 28 Dec 2005 04:25:35 EST


Having dipped my toe into the ocean that is the world of online flying, I've 
found myself in a couple of situations where I've thought "what do I do now?"  
Can you help me out?  I know that we have discussed these points before, but 
I can't remember the answer and can't find them on my saved e-mails.

Firstly, I was at the end of a flight into Stansted.  I had been passed onto 
the Approach controller who had vectored me to the localizer.  I confirmed as 
requested that I was established but heard no more ie no clearance to land. I 
later found out that he had disappeared for whatever reason.  There were no 
other aircraft on TCAS.  Should I have executed a missed approach or just 
carried on with my landing?

Secondly, and I suppose in the same vein, when approaching an airfield, we 
know roughly when we have to start our descent and because of the ATIS, usually 
which approach procedure to follow.  If we hear nothing from the approach 
controller should we just begin our descent or try to contact him to request 
descent.  Also, once contact is made, should we just follow the STAR we have 
out or wait for vectors which don't always appear to be forthcoming?

Thirdly, at what point do you squawk Charlie?  Is it when you are taxying to 
the active, or when you are at the holding point waiting clearance to take 



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