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There may be a military panel that has a separate Mach Meter but I admit I
am guessing here.

I'd advise caution about increasing trim sensitivity as it's quite delicate
already. The real problem lies elsewhere with a slightly forward CG position
- this requires a good bit of up trim even in level flight. I may be able to
fix this in the .air file but you could also try adding weight to the rear
cabin seats.

Oddly enough I've not noticed hitting the trim limit here but if this is
happening with you it may be the reason why it drops off the ILS.


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I'm just finishing modifying the Citation panel I'm using. One bit of
neccesary info is missing; the Mach number. In most panels it appears
within the AirSpeed gauge. Does anyone know of an aircraft panel that
has Mach Number as a separate gauge.

One of the problems in trying to land the Citation 550 at around its
normal speed is that it runs out of trim, below about 125 kias. From
then  to the ground, if at 110 kias, it's a matter of holding the yoke
back. I'll try increasing elevator trim sensitivity.

Gerry Winskill

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