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Eeee - how right you are. I was quite happy pulling cars to bits until about
15 years ago when things got a bit more complex. I tried to replace a
starter motor of a Ford for someone and found it was no longer a two bolt
job but half the side of the engine..

I dropped the suspension on my MGB by fitting the MGC spring kit (shorter
and stiffer) and replaced the old lever arm dampers with telescopics. That
and a 3/4" roll bar made a lot of difference to the handling.. I replaced
the engine too - but my dreams of a bigger engine were stifled by cash
flow.. Maybe a good thing to..


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Shame really, it's a good program.
Yes I have tried every permutation I could, it seems that the more powerful
and uptodate the machine is, the less you can do with them. The old 386/486
were like driving an old banger, but at least it did everything you wanted.
Todays cars, with computorised systems, are now tinker proof, it that a good
thing?. I used to love hooking out an engine and stripping it down, now,
dar'nt even open the bonnet except to top up the wash bottle. Frank

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