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I reckon that about 30% of those who try to get Pocket FMS talk to FS2004
don't succeed. Some don't try hard enough and just hope the GPSOut.INI
settings I give in the article will work for them. Others ignore the rule
that you must connect within 10 seconds of starting FS otherwise the GPSOut
signals drop out.

Other folks, like Tony Volante at FSUG, have spent weeks trying dozens of
different permutations and finally have to admit defeat.

I just fiddle with software and, through sheer luck or persistence, I
usually get things to work. I don't profess to know how they work <vbg>, I'm
just a natural tinkerer. In the case of Pocket FMS I am sure the problem
area is the COM ports system in Windows and it's weird allocation system. My
current PC is USB only and I've never had any luck getting it to link PFMS
to FS or even the Garmin unit to Pocket FMS - but it will send data from FS
to the Garmin. Odd? It's maddening..

I'm beginning to wonder if my USB to serial cable is one way only...


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You are lucky to get all those connections working, I still cannot get
Pocket FMS to talk to FS. Frank F

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